What we do

Arilyn is a next generation app for digital communication that combines the best of

Augmented Reality, Location Intelligence and Interactive Media. Arilyn transforms

the physical world into a virtual experience. It is easy to use, fun and free.

Meet Our Team

Toni Marttila
Toni MarttilaSales Director
+358 50 441 8241
[email protected]
Katri Kantoniemi
Katri KantoniemiBusiness Development Director
+358 40 047 3382
[email protected]
Emmi Jouslehto
Emmi JouslehtoCEO
+358 44 971 9919
[email protected]
Otso Kähönen
Otso KähönenCreative Director
+358 50 538 4178
[email protected]
Eeva Jäntti
Eeva JänttiProducer
+358 44 383 1656
[email protected]
Mats Havia
Mats HaviaMotion Designer
[email protected]
Rafi Albo
Rafi AlboVP - Global Marketing and Business Development
+972 54 464 5520
[email protected]
Otto Laurila
Otto LaurilaCTO
+358 44 975 5392
[email protected]
James Burgess
James BurgessDeveloper
[email protected]
Juha Hytönen
Juha HytönenDeveloper
[email protected]
Marko Varsila
Marko VarsilaDeveloper
[email protected]
Teemu Viljanen
Teemu ViljanenDeveloper
[email protected]